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Our New Cookie Bars


Oat & Quinoa Chocolate Chip BAR (Super Cookie Bar)

We’ve captured the classic taste of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in a supercharged little bar.

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Oat & Quinoa Fudge BAR ( Super Cookie BAR ) - Case Only

Are you a chocolate lover who craves a sweet treat that is conveniently packaged and healthy?

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My kids love the chocolate chip quinoa bars!

Kirsten W. ~ Mom

Super Cookies save my life. Excellent healthy snack while on the go!

Robert ~ Athlete

Wise Bites ticks all the boxes for both me and my kids. Even their picky friends love Wise Bites and continuiously steal my stash that I keep in the car for when I need something.  Way, way healthier than grabbing that gas station, junk food snack!

Lianne Phillipson - Author & Registered Nutritionalist

Award Winning

2016 BC Food Processors Rising Star Award Winner

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