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Connecting with our customers on gluten- and allergen-free eating

I have had the opportunity to get into the stores and do the demo over the past little while, and it has been so rewarding to hear the comments of many people.

Most people are interested in making small steps towards eating healthier and are interested and happy to try our allergen-free baked goods, but  every once in a while I meet a person during a demo that makes all the challenges of starting a new business disappear!

In fact, this past weekend, I met many of these kind of people—both customers and staff—during the Nesters Market demos. In Whistler on Friday night, I was impressed by the number of health-conscious and extremely friendly people who were delighted to try our products. That evening I also had the pleasure of meeting several celiacs who, quite frankly, looked like the epitome of health. Having been diagnosed early, one young woman told me that she had not eaten gluten since she was a small child and because of that she "felt lucky to have made the connection between what we eat and how we feel.”  She said that because she had to learn to look for gluten in the products she ate she had become familiar early with just how much sugar she ate.  From that lesson she learned to be very careful about the sugar she consumed; the result was the absolutely healthy and radiant individual standing in front of me!  If only more of us could understand the advantages of eating well so we could live well.

The second experience I would like to share with you was in Squamish. A whole family—mom, dad and two children—were walking past me to the exit door with their cart of paid groceries when I asked them if they would like to taste test some baked goods made of organic quinoa. As the mother didn’t quite hear, she nodded her head no and kept walking until I called out ‘They're gluten free!’ She stopped in her tracks and came back to the demo table.

“They're gluten free?  But is there gluten in your factory?” 

“No there isn’t,” I replied, “it is a dedicated factory.”

“Is there dairy in your factory”  she continued.

“No, there is no dairy, egg, soy, peanuts, tree-nuts or gluten. In fact we are free of the top 11 allergens."

The conversation that continued was heart-warming. The mom told me that her children had never been able to taste test anything at a demo because of their severe allergies. As our conversation ended she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you so much for starting your company."

"My pleasure."