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New Year's Resolution Check-In and Heart Month


February is a great time to perform an honest appraisal of how you're doing at meeting the goals you set for healthier living at the start of the new year. It also happens to be Heart Month, making it a particularly appropriate time to think about whether our daily habits are as supportive as they could be of our vital systems.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has some great resources for healthy living at any age, like this section on getting kids to eat better and this thought-provoking video about vitality at end of life. If you want to contribute to the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Heart Month fundraising efforts, you can donate here.

Taking a look at how your resolutions are coming along doesn't have to mean raking yourself over the goals because you haven't made it to Muay Thai class four times a week. Sometimes we can be a little hard on ourselves when setting New Year's Resolutions, and even harder on ourselves when we feel we've fallen short.

At Wise Bites we're about a kinder and gentler approach (though we'll applaud you if you have, in fact, made it through four Muay Thai classes this week!). What are some of the small but substantive changes you can make to your daily habits to result in better health?

Here are a few changes that I've made recently:

While I'm fortunate enough not to have a gluten allergy, I've been cutting back on my intake of wheat and diversifying the carbohydrates I consume. Each morning I have an egg & kale scramble. I used to eat this on a whole-wheat English muffin. I've swapped that out for a piece of dark rye toast instead. It means I'm avoiding some of the wheat I'd previously consumed each morning. But just as important, I've swapped a bread product with 2 grams of fat, 2 grams of sugar and 240 mg of sodium, for a product with just 1 gram of fat, 0 sugar and 135 mg of sodium.

I'm making more of my lunch hours, by heading to the gym, even when all I've got is half an hour. I'm not concerning myself with running on icy sidewalks. I'm being kind to myself and using the the treadmill because it works well for my work-day routine.

In the afternoon when I'm running low on energy and looking for a pick-me-up, I'm avoiding the coffee-shop bagel and having a gluten-free Wise Bites cookie bar instead. These are so packed with iron, fibre and protein that it's all I need to fuel me through the afternoon.

How about you? How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? What changes to your goals might you make during Heart Month?