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Gluten-free Expo Vancouver Wrap-Up

Wow! We're just now catching our breath after a busy Sunday at Vancouver's Gluten-Free Expo. It was great to connect with so many members of the gluten-free community. Some were there to help manage gluten allergies or sensitivities, others just to benefit their health by improving and varying the complex carbohydrates in their diets. But everyone was united in their pursuit of food they can feel good about.


We received plenty of great feedback about our products at the expo. There was a lot of enthusiasm for our new cookie bars, which come in packs of two modestly-sized servings, great to throw in school backpacks and briefcases alike. 

As you may have heard, the show was so popular that a lot of people were unable to get in. We're tremendously sorry we didn't get to connect with everyone who wanted to be a part of the day. However, we also hope the popularity of the event leads to a longer and larger-capacity show in future years, with more opportunity for attendees to learn how to achieve the diets that are right for them.

If there is anything you want to know about our products or our company that you didn't get a chance to ask at the expo, please just drop us a line at